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Hello, and welcome to Crunchy on the Inside!

We’re a small family of three living in Upstate New York. We try to live as free as we can from the pervasive, dangerous chemicals, natural and artificial, that have become a daily part of life across most of the developed world. To that end, we aim to make all of our own daily supplies (soap, deodorant, etc.), strive to eat clean and local, and live mindfully (paying attention to the consequences and repercussions of our habits, behavior, and actions). We are raising our son to be independent, strong, and informed so that he can go into the world prepared to make healthy choices. Jenna is a mom, daycare owner, and ambassador for Plexus Worldwide. Kevin has a doctorate from Cornell University (or will very soon) and uses his training make evidence-based health and living choices and help feed the world with the untapped, near-limitless potential of the global microbiome. In short, we’re what you might call “crunchy”. We may not always look the part, but appearances can be deceiving, and for that reason we are “Crunchy on the Inside”.

We believe, with good reason, and a preponderance of peer-reviewed scientific evidence, that many aspects of modern living can make us sick and unhealthy. We can’t claim that the way we live is the best, but our journey is one of discovery and experimentation toward a goal of better health for ourselves, our son, and our environment. Our model for healthy living is constantly shifting as we try new things, take the plunge on old goals, and learn more from self-observation and scientific literature. We want to share this attitude and investigative approach to health with others. It’s greatest strength is that this mindset won’t lead everyone to the same path! We are all unique; circumstance, geography, physiology, genetics…our paths to health will be equally variable, but the only way to travel this path is to wake up and be mindful. If the current set of advice worked, there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic or a constant rise in “diseases of civilization”. We’re stuck in a vicious cycle. Health declines while healthcare costs increase. New evidence is gathered everyday on the effects that our diet, how we are raised as children, and socioeconomic status have on our health and well being. Not only that, but new evidence is also gathered on how our diet, child-rearing, and socioeconomic status affect one another! I’ll distill it for you; we’re in trouble! So, where is all of this evidence going? Surely it’s represented in the recommendations of the USDA (food pyramid, diet guidelines, recommended daily allowance (RDA)) and the FDA (pharmaceuticals allowed on the market), right? Unfortunately, no. Kevin will post at length about the disconnect between policy and science at some point, but for now we’ll leave it at this: We aren’t set up to be healthy, we’re not prepared to make good choices, we aren’t armed with the knowledge we need to reach our physical and emotional health potential. And this problem is growing with each new generation. If you try everything conventional wisdom has to offer and just can’t seem to lose weight/be in a good place mentally/FEEL healthy, it probably isn’t your fault. The current system has put you at a disadvantage. Our goal is to help you get the advantage back, and along with it your health, by relating our personal journeys, things that have helped us and others, and most of all to do our best to spread hope and knowledge.

We’re excited to be putting this together and we hope that our experiences and journeys can help people enjoy the same successes that we’ve had in our health and wellbeing.

Family, health, and wealth — Better, naturally!

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